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Our signature motivating and inspiring full-body RIDE, includes drills to target our upper body, obliques and core. During our journey in our dark, candlelit spin studio in Edmonton, we will be pounding beats so hard you’re going to feel it in your heart and in your bones. We will be climbing. We will be meditating. We will be lifting. And we will be sprinting, all while we are clipped into our high-performance spin bikes.

This class is low impact yet high intensity. We ride united, to the beat of the music, while we break through our barriers, by embracing the uncomfortable.  As a yoga and cycling studio, this spin class will bring out that warrior inside and unleash the immense power that you hold!

Indoor Cycling Class That Will Make you Sweat


At XTherapy, our unique indoor cycling program in Edmonton is designed to help you crush your fitness goals. We strongly believe that a successful workout needs the body mind and soul to be on the same page. During our indoor cycling journey, we will be pushing all three. You need the physical endurance to succeed. You need the mental fortitude to keep going. You need the soul to keep going further. We will push you hard, but we want you to push yourself too. It’s not a spin class, it’s empowerment. We believe in building a strong sense of community. We are a community of Edmonton warriors!

We are ENOUGH.

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