We’ve taken our signature classes and turned it up a few levels.

These classes were created to optimize your experience at XTHERAPY with special additions to our signature class types. These unique sweat sessions will empower you to push past your limits + get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

All specialty classes are included in all month-to-month + 3month auto-renew passes.



WeTRAINHard’er is a 75minute mix of our signature WeHIITHard combined with running, stairs, and bootcamp-style cardio that will take place outside, (weather permitting) to take advantage of YEG’s beautiful river valley and wicked stairs.  This class is designed to train the inner athlete, for all levels.

What you need
X – We recommend dressing in layers of your best sweaty gear to peel off as the sun, and your body, heats up outside
X – Outdoor training/running shoes
X – Bring your water bottle – we have water available to purchase at the studio before class begins if you forget yours!

The Details
Every Saturday 9:00am w/ Marlee – meet at the studio (during the summer)


On the last Sunday of every month, we feature our WeRIDEHard’ER class. For
90 minutes, we will challenge and strengthen, your mind and body to the luscious beats provided by one of our RIDE Therapyst’s. This class will take you to your limit to surpass what you thought was possible.

Give yourself the gift of pushing through 90-empowering-minutes of “YES I CAN”.

Next Up:
Sunday, September 30th
1100am – 1230pm w/ Caleb



This class is the perfect combination of 30 minutes of RIDE + 60 minutes of ZEN that is designed to ignite your inner fire, then refresh your mind + body before you start your new week.

The Details
Sunday’s @ 630pm – 800pm