Job Postings


XTHERAPY – Downtown Edmonton, Alberta
Full-time: $45,000 – $60,000/year, plus bonus

We are looking for a fun, high-energy, engaging, organized leader to help us kick it up a notch in
our brand spankin new boutique studio opening early 2018. We will be offering, indoor cycling,
barre, HIIT and yoga.


Cast and Production Director: To manage the programs/instructors at the studio; Cycling, Barre,
HIIT and Yoga.


  •  Teach up to 15 classes per week in at least 3 of the 4 different class offerings
  •  Complete 20 hours of in studio admin work related to management and facilitation of the
    instructors and the program offerings
  •  Lead 1 team workout at the start of every week.
  •  Lead a team of 10-25 instructors and manage them to studio KPI’s (Key Performance
  •  Continuously improve the integrity of the different programs we offer.
  •  Inspire their team at all times with the highest level of customer service and professional
  •  Responsible for staff recruiting, training and development.
  •  Complete monthly scheduling of a staff of 10+ people
  •  Complete and optimize weekly class schedule of 60+ classes in two rooms and 4 programs.
  •  Continuously uphold studio standards & coach all instructors on same expectations. Creating
    a customer-focused environment, and maintaining a team to that level of customer service.
  •  Manage fitness equipment and tools related to the class offerings
  •  Work directly with the Studio Director & Owners on processes and systems currently in place
    while seeking to improve them.
  •  Understand feedback – Leading by example through accepting feedback, and being able to
    deliver it in a positive and inspiring way to your team.
  •  Continuously seeking and developing internal/external community opportunities – Charity and
    Business to Business within the city, as well as team building and development programs
  •  Provide top-of-the-line service to all clients, as well as managing customer feedback and
    concerns in a positive and timely manner
  •  Execute marketing initiatives including social media promotion, event planning and
    coordination of charity rides
  •  Foster in-studio community by developing team challenges, events, and more


PERKS (lets take a break from the serious stuff!):

  1.  Being part of a wicked team that loves to have fun, sweat and level each other up.
  2.  Team sweat sessions at other studios (for free)!
  3.  Being part of an amazing uplifting pack that work together to continuously improve to
    provide cutting edge workouts.
  4.  Huge discounts on all our premium merch (and sometimes its totally free)!
  5.  Being part of an amazing team, with an awesome attitude, that loves having fun and
    providing a vibrate uplifting energy to brighten all of our clients and fellow teammates day!
  6.  Free workouts at the studio, and free passes to bring your friends!


By now you probably get how important our team is to us. Our team is everything, we practice
what we preach! We move together as a pack in and out of the studio. We believe that our
team is the only reason we will be successful.

With this in mind, we only want team players that are open minded, that have great attitudes,
that are energetic, that are outgoing, that are super happy and awesome to be around!
If this is you…Getting onboard is super easy:

Introduce Yourself – Send us and email with your resume, along with a 2 minute video or video
link (see below), with “I WANT TO BE YOUR CAST AND PRODUCTION DIRECTOR” in the
subject, to, please indicate what classes you can teach and have experience

In your 2-minute video, tell us who you are, what you love, what gets you excited and what gets
you out of bed every morning.


Full-time: $45,000 – $60,000/year, plus bonus


Candidate is required to have at least 2 year teaching experience in 1 of the 4 (Cycling, Barre,
HIIT, Yoga) programs we offer, and the at least 1 year experience in 2 of the 4 programs we
offer. Along with that we also require the following:

  •  Awesome attitude
  •  Passion for music
  •  Practice what they preach
  •  Being Super Happy
  •  Must be passionate about health, fitness and making people sweat
  •  Group fitness coaching: 1 year
  •  Performing Arts, Theater, or Stage experience: 1 year – preferred
  •  Public speaking and presentation: 1 year – preferred
  •  Must have a passion for people and customer service
  •  Must possess 2 years of management experience in either specialty-branded fitness, retail,
    restaurants or hospitality environments
  •  Strong leadership skills, with superior communication and interpersonal skills
  •  Must be attentive, outgoing, positive, friendly and engaging
  •  Must be a self-starter with entrepreneurial spirit.
  •  Ability to multi-task and prioritize in a fast-paced environment. Organizational skills are a must
  •  Strong management skills in training, mentoring and motivating people
  •  Must have the flexibility to work a non-traditional schedule
  •  Proven track record in providing successful leadership to a team and customer service
    experience is essential
  •  Leadership experience with a staff of 10 or more. Having previous hands-on experience with
    providing feedback, team development, training & coaching.
  •  A passion and desire to work with people! Always wanting to provide them with an unmatched
    level of customer service!
  •  Must possess a high level of communication and organizational skills. Essential to have the
    ability to set clear goals and create plans to enlist others to all work towards those same
  •  The ability to understand what drives success and that every team member is key to the
    overall success of the business/community.